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After Plague, those dwarves which died to the plague or die afterwards become monsters. Instead of being incredibly strong and having one life, monsters are weak and have infinite lives. Their entire purpose is to take the dwarven shrines. To achieve this they can destroy defenses, take control of shrines by standing on them, or by outright killing the dwarves.

Monsters come in two varieties, base monsters and special monsters.

Base Monsters

Base monsters, those being Zombie, Skeleton, and Creeper are always available to spawn as and are the most common monsters to see. Skeleton and Creeper require 25 monster mana to unlock but can be chosen freely afterwards. These monsters can also be upgraded over time using monster mana.

Monster Mana

Represented by a monster's experience bar and the glass pane in the player's spectator inventory, monster mana is used to buy upgrades for the base monsters. This mana can be gained from a few sources.

  • 1 mana per second is gained regardless of any other conditions, just simply being a monster.
  • An additional 1 mana per second is gained if the Player plagued to become a monster.
  • An additional 1 mana per second is gained if the game has 20 players or less in it.
  • An additional 1 mana per second is gained by standing on the shrine as a monster.
  • Breaking a torch as a monster gives 8 mana, except for Rats which receive 50 mana.

Special Monsters

Special monsters spawn in waves denoted by the status bar above the inventory bar. These monsters are more specialized and the number that spawn in a wave is limited. The time between waves is variable and they cannot be upgraded with monster mana.

The following monsters are special monsters:

There is also one more special monster which does not abide by normal spawning requirements: the Death's Servant. Instead of spawning randomly in waves, a monster gains access to the Death’s Servant by unlocking the final upgrade on all base monsters, and then spending 1000 additional mana to use it. Each time the monster wants to spawn as it they must pay 1000 monster mana.



If a monster finds themselves stuck and unable to free themselves from a location, they are given an item in their inventory called a Seppuku. It has the following functionalities:

  • Left click will start a cast that will kill the monster after a short timer. Getting hit while casting will interrupt it, requiring it to be left clicked again.
  • Right click will start a cast that will bring the monster back to the Monster Spawn. Moving or getting hit while casting will interrupt it, requiring it to be right clicked again.