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Gazebo DvZ is updated regularly with gameplay changes, new features, bug fixes and quality of life improvements. This page lists significant additions and changes which affect gameplay or user experience, but generally does not list bug fixes, small tweaks, or behind-the-scenes changes which aren't noticeable in-game. You can also read about updates in the announcements channel on our community Discord server. Note that changes listed on this page may have been superseded by subsequent updates.

To keep this page a reasonable length, older updates will be periodically moved to archive pages - keep this in mind when linking to specific updates.

October 2021



  • AI zombies will no longer spawn from dwarves who are actively rampaging or whose rampage ended within the last 10 seconds
  • AI zombies can now spawn with traits which affect their behavior
    • Most AI zombies now avoid dwarves with rampages
    • Some AI zombies are now 'bloodthirsty' and prefer to target bleeding dwarves
  • AI zombies should no longer spawn in walls
  • The monster menu has been adjusted and now includes back buttons on all sub-menus
  • The main player menu (accessed via /menu or with the book during the game start countdown) has a new layout


  • Returning Quest: Suited and Booted

September 2021


  • Resource packs updated - if you have a custom or locally-saved pack, you will need to update it
  • New minor hero: Myra the Unseen
  • Grand Paladin Ziros rampage duration reduced from 4.5 seconds to 4 seconds
  • Added a distinct texture for Dwarven Shields for Minor Heroes and Top Titles
  • General Kurt can no longer block using Caliburn or the Buffalo Horn
  • Blocking with the lumberjack axe will no longer reduce damage
  • Cultist Dagger now plays a higher pitched sheathing and unsheathing sound
  • Durendal now plays a lower pitched sheathing and unsheathing sound


  • New Quest: Sequence Break
  • New stats season (Season 10)
  • New rare cosmetic items added to Strongbox pool

August 2021


  • Returning Quest: Finders Keepers

July 2021


  • The domain has been updated - the Minecraft server is now at play.gazebodvz.com and the website (including guides and stats) is now at https://gazebodvz.com
  • Existing players who connect with the new address will be rewarded with an item in the lobby and some experience
  • Cooldown messages have been removed for some items in the lobby with short cooldowns
  • Pegasus Boots cooldown has been reduced in the lobby



June 2021


May 2021


April 2021


  • Dwarven Oak Shield charges are now indicated on the item stack rather than in the item name
  • Lorelei's bow charges are now indicated on the item stack
  • Supercreepers' explosion radius is now indicated by a ring of particles when they explode
  • Particles are no longer used to indicate valid Death's Servant portal locations (this is still indicated by item enchantment)


  • Hector's extended reach on Durendal has been replaced with a charge based sword beam
  • Magnus's refuel rate has been doubled
  • Magnus's purifier fuel is now indicated by the size of the item stack rather than in the item name
  • Sprocket's Tinderflame spell has had its visual effects reinstated
  • Sprocket's Tinderflame has been made easier to aim


  • Death's Servant's blink ability moved from the Death's Essence item to the Death's Touch weapon


  • Returning Quest: The Art of PROC


March 2021


  • Dwarf slab count reverted to 5 per player
  • Hero slab count increased to 7 per player


  • Dwarf slab count reduced to 3 per player
  • Hero slab count reduced to 5 per player
  • Slabs cannot be repaired using mortar or super mortar


February 2021


  • Death's Servant portal mana decays while standing in the active shrine region again, but at a reduced rate
  • Some death messages have been changed to use less chat space
  • The Plague of Frogs now allows dwarves to heal until frogs start spawning
  • Holding a Makeshift Pickaxe as a zombie no longer prevents AI zombies from spawning


  • Rush Mode games can now be purchased in the lobby (using gold earned from playing games)
    • Available when 6 or fewer players are online
    • Replaces the current queued game with a random Rush Mode map
  • Dwarves with titles enabled no longer spawn with duplicate weapons in Rush Mode games


  • New Quest: Drink on the Brink

January 2021


  • Rats and broodmothers must be within the active shrine region to steal gold from it


  • Resource packs updated
  • New plague event - Plague of Frogs
  • Death's Servant no longer loses portal mana while standing in the active shrine region
  • The rate at which broodmothers can steal gold directly from the shrine (by right-clicking) has been reduced
  • Monsters are now credited for gold stolen by rats they released from blocks, even if they are not a broodmother
  • Rats and broodmothers can only steal gold from shrine blocks which are within the shrine capture region
  • Medal requirements in Rush Mode games have been increased
  • Leave/join messages now show hero names if applicable
  • A trivia question will automatically play during the countdown before the game starts


  • Returning Quest: Shrine Siphoner

December 2020


  • Rush Mode tweaks:
    • Dwarves spawn with speed and haste effects
    • Cobblestone placement delay during build phase is disabled


  • Winter Event (temporary)
    • Resource packs updated
    • Event Quest: Special Delivery


  • New stats season (Season 7)
  • Cultist and Necromancer titles have been reworked
    • No longer based on dwarf kills
    • Now based on monster medals (having the highest shrine health drained, damage dealt, dwarven armor broken, gold stolen or torches broken in each game)


  • Added particles to indicate monster damage buffs/mana drain effects
    • Only displayed to the attacking monster
    • Red particles for Zombies, Digging Zombies and Wolves indicate when damage is being buffed (from darkness or isolation)
    • Purple particles for Venomburners and Death's Servant indicate when mana is being drained
  • Added new messages to the tutorial
  • Added new achievement: Decorated
  • Adjusted requirements of some of the newer hero achievements
  • Changed Slimes (still do not spawn naturally)
    • More slimes can spawn per wave
    • Increased health while latched on to dwarf
    • Latching to a dwarf inflicts slowness, poison and weakness debuffs to the dwarf
    • No longer boost damage from other mobs, but still act as a proxy for their damage (i.e. monsters hitting the slime will damage the dwarf it is latched to)
    • Dwarves can attack slimes that are riding them
    • Removed the magma cube tier

November 2020


  • Resource packs updated
  • Some heroes have been renamed
  • Added new hero achievements, including one for each minor hero
  • Heroes with non-player models (Sprocket and SuperHorse) now display on the tab player list
  • Improved particles on Lorelei's Regrowth Pendant levitate ability
  • Players with death messages set to 'reduced' will now see their own kills and deaths
  • Items can no longer be dropped during the first stages of the purge plague event, and new messages have been added to clarify how it works
  • SuperHorse now has a rare chance to appear in small games
  • Quality of life changes to monster respawning
    • Dead players can always left-click to respawn
    • More blocks are now removed when a new monster spawn becomes active
    • Shrine blocks which fall too close to the monster spawn point are removed
  • Horn sound plays slightly later during game start countdown to give people time to load in


October 2020



  • End game stats box revamped
    • New stats added
    • Now displays quest progress after each game
    • Medals indicate stats where you had the top score for a particular statistic
    • Silver/bronze medals will be given depending on game size
    • Appearance improved
  • All monsters are now able to pick up dropped gold, not just rats
  • Deadly Medley is now a rare achievement
    • Now counts AI mobs


  • Killing dwarves under level 30 no longer counts towards the dwarf kills statistic or Cultist and Necromancer titles


  • Resource packs updated
  • Plague improvements
    • Dwarves who plague (without opting in) will have a reduced plague chance if they stay for the next game
    • If they do plague in the next game (without opting in) they will receive bonus monster mana
  • Added four new achievements
  • High Pressure achievement requirements revised
  • Iron Golems and Death's Servants can now see their chestplate durability on the armor bar
  • Hero spawning announcements can now be clicked to visit the relevant page on the guide
  • Players now receive a prompt with a link to the guide when they become a hero
  • Shrine names in Rush Mode are now shown in red


  • Returning Quest: Creeper Keeper
    • Target reduced to 150
  • Improved monster menu mana display
  • Blocks at the monster spawn location are now deleted when a new spawn becomes active
  • Added a message when interacting with an empty Dwarven Strongbox
  • Adjusted spiderling projectiles to avoid them making screens flash

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