From The Gazebo

Many of the maps used on The Gazebo are created by members of the community, and we are happy to accept submissions for new maps. However, creating a DvZ map can be a big undertaking, so before you get started please read this page carefully. This page sets out the main requirements for DvZ maps on The Gazebo, as well as important information you will need to be aware of while building. If you've not played our version of the game yet, we'd recommend playing a few games first so you can get a better feel for it.

Before You Begin

Before you even consider creating and submitting a map, please be aware of the following points:

  • We might never use your map. We'll review it, and where possible provide feedback to make it work, but many maps just don't suit our needs for one reason or another.
  • If your only reason for wanting to make a map is to get the Mason title, please don't bother. You won't get the title but you will waste our time. Only make a map if you already have a good idea for the theme and design, and the skill to build it to a usable standard.
  • We don't test every map that's submitted to us. Please don't pester us to test your map. We usually can't let mapmakers know in advance when we're testing their maps because test games are difficult to organise, so please don't be upset if you miss your map being tested.
  • If we do add your map, some players might dislike it and might express their distaste in chat. You can't please everyone, but it can be upsetting to get this kind of feedback if you're not used to it.
  • We will probably need to make changes to your map when we add it, and in the future to address balance issues and accommodate game updates. Some of these changes might be substantial, so please bear that in mind when submitting your map to us.

Map Requirements


  • Hallways should be a reasonable size for both dwarves to build in and defend, and for monsters to get past the dwarves.
  • Use Hidden Valley hallways as a baseline - if yours are significantly larger in width or height you need to make them smaller. If your hallways are smaller than Hidden Valley's, make sure there are plenty of other options for monsters to take to reach the shrine.


  • 2-3 shrines
  • 15-25 second run times depending on how much cover and how many paths are available to monsters


  • ≈10,000 Gravel (± 2,000)
  • ≈4,000 Gold Ore (± 500)

Other gameplay concerns

  • Monsters should have ample cover
  • Monsters should have multiple routes to approach each shrine
  • Dwarves should have moderate chokepoints
  • Consider allowing monsters to climb hills as it allows them to more easily maneuver around the map. Avoid creating tall mountains which impede all movement.
  • Ensure that shrines can always easily be climbed over when the destructible blocks are broken or degraded
  • Keep oil a reasonable distance from chokepoints or shrines, due to the Holy Purifier

Other notes

  • Gamerules are set automatically each game, but it's helpful to set doMobSpawning, doTileDrops and doEntityDrops to false to make things easier for us when we look around your map.
  • The server runs Minecraft 1.8 and we cannot accept maps created in later versions of Minecraft.

Things not to do

  • Do not use gold blocks when building, as dwarves will destroy them
  • Do not heavily condense gold ore
  • Do not ask us to make gimmicks or special features for your map. We may add these as we see fit, but asking for them will ensure we never do.
  • Do not hide 'Easter eggs' on your map or anything that will encourage players to go out of bounds (small 'mapmaker credits' sections and cake shrines are fine)
  • Do not use decorative player heads, as these create lag
  • There is no need to make a custom lobby for your map - we will probably not use it
  • We ask that you do not make 'work in progress' update posts about maps being built on the Discord, as we want to avoid mapmaking becoming competitive

Block Information

We strongly recommend using the resource pack while building, but be aware that these blocks are retextured from vanilla Minecraft:

Rails (Axes) Activator Rails (Shovels) Detector Rails (Bows) Powered Rails (Pickaxes)
Redstone Torches (Ales) Ladders (Swords) Sponge (Oil) Pistons (Smithing Tables)
Sticky Pistons (Sawmill bases) Iron Bars (Sawmill blades) End Portal Frames (Shrines) Enderchests (Strongboxes)
Lapis Ore (Blue brick) Brick Stairs (Blue stairs) Brick Slabs (Blue slabs) Lime Wool (Spiderling acid)
Orange Wool (Gold stages) Yellow wool (Gold stages) Magenta Wool (Gold stages) Silverfish Eggs (Rat blocks)
Bedrock (Dirt OR dark stone) Double Nether Brick Slabs (Slabs) Double Red Sandstone Slabs (Slabs)

The following blocks are indestructible:

Redstone Blocks Iron Blocks Emerald Blocks Diamond Blocks
End Portal Frames Beacons Jack o' Lanterns Rails
Activator Rails Detector Rails Powered Rails Redstone Torches
Ladders Sponge Pistons Sticky Pistons
Iron Bars Logs Furnaces Dispensers
Droppers Hoppers Chests Trapped Chests
Brewing Stands Enchantment Tables Workbenches Anvils
Beds Dragon Eggs Enderchests Netherrack

The following blocks can be destroyed by Creepers, Spiderlings, Impact Skeletons and Blaze Cannons regardless of region protection:

Brick Stairs Brick Slabs Stone Bricks (All) Stone Brick Slabs
Stone Brick Stairs Cobblestone Cobblestone Stairs Cobblestone Slabs
Mossy Cobblestone Gravel Torches Redstone Lamps
Glowstone Sea Lanterns Lime Wool Lapis Ore
Double Nether Brick Slabs Double Red Sandstone Slabs

Golden and iron pressure plates both have special functionality, as horizontal and vertical launch pads respectively. If you'd like to use these in your map, please run it past us first. Gold pressure plates are also used to trigger cake ovens.

Submitting Your Map

The best way to submit maps is via Discord - join our Discord server and DM Gazebot#6665. Once you've submitted it, don't pester us about it! We will look at it when we're able to, but it might take a while.

You must only submit your own work - don't submit maps you didn't create, and don't submit maps which incorporate other people's builds without explicit permission.

Along with your submission, please also state the resource count (gold and gravel), and any suggestions for map/shrine names.