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Over the course of the year there are a number of events that occur for a short time. During these events, some game mechanics will differ and there will be a quest tailored to that event for the duration. The past events are listed below.

April Event

Occurring in early April each year, the April Event adds temporary changes which are fun and slightly silly but may not be as balanced as regular gameplay. The following features have been exclusive to the event.

Challenge Mode

During the April Event, dwarves spawn with a special wrench in their Strongbox. Using this wrench after being armored will replace the dwarf's helmet, leggings and boots with weaker iron armor. Kills gained while wearing the weaker armor count towards the Dress to Distress Quest.

Challenge armor consumes less gold when repairing, and the wrench can be used again to restore regular dwarven armor. Heroes are unable to equip challenge mode armor.


Super horse.png
Main article: SuperHorse

During the April Event SuperHorse is guaranteed to spawn in every game (unless it is Rush Mode), regardless of size. He also does not impede the spawning of other heroes.

Distraction Creepers

To complement the existing damage and destruction creeper paths, Distraction Creepers can confuse and bewilder dwarves. Distraction creepers are able to hide in the undergrowth and make strange noises to lure dwarves into danger, leaving the shrines undefended from monster attacks. Any creeper can use this ability by right-clicking their explosion, regardless of upgrade path.

Halloween Event

Occurring around Halloween, the Halloween Event includes changes which bring a spooky, scary tone to this game about zombies and skeletons.


Super horse skeleton.png
Main article: SuperHorse

SuperHorse can appear in the Halloween event, dressed in a skeleton costume. Unlike the April Event he is not guaranteed to spawn every game, but is added to the Minor Hero pool.


As well as the normal AI Zombies, AI Ghosts will spawn around player Monsters near dwarves. These Ghosts function similarly to AI Zombies, except they are partially invisible and jump higher.

In addition to regular ghosts, some ghosts spawn with special abilities:

  • The Polterthrice splits into three smaller ghosts upon death, which will attack the dwarf who killed it
  • The Shrill-o-Wisp releases a pulse of fire which damages and ignites nearby dwarves
  • When the Popular Ghost is killed, other nearby ghosts will try to avenge it and will gain speed and strength buffs

Dark Moon

The Dark Moon is similar to the Temporal Shift, but during a Dark Moon any AIs spawning in an area exposed to the sky will always be ghosts. This increases the number of special ghosts you will encounter.


When a dwarf dies during the Halloween Event, they emit a puff of smoke and bats fly out of their tummy. The bats cannot be killed and will linger on as a squeaky reminder of your fallen comrades.

Winter Event

Occurring around Christmas, the Winter Event puts on a seasonal layer of paint over the game as a whole but does not alter any of its core gameplay, leaving most of it to be cosmetic. Several winter maps are also played at this time, one of which is exclusive to the event itself.

Dwarven Equipment Changes

  • Candy Cane
  • Egg Nog
  • Ice Pick
  • Snow Shovel
  • Canadian Lumberjack Axe

Hero Changes

There are a couple cosmetic hero changes for the Winter Event which do not affect any of their mechanics, just their appearance.

  • Magnus The Red is renamed to Magnus The Merry and wields the Snow Blaster instead of the Holy Purifier.
  • Salogel Sureshot is renamed to Salogel Snowshot and wields Snowdalag instead of Nohdalag and an Ice Arrow instead of the Arrow of Light.

Resource Pack Changes

A large portion of the textures in the game are changed, including monster skins such as Creeper, Zombie, etc.


During the Winter Event, Special Monsters that are slain will drop presents on the ground. Right clicking these presents as a dwarf will pick them up, increasing the counter on the sidebar for each present collected. Presents collected count towards the Special Delivery quest.