Margrave Hector

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Margrave Hector is a Major Hero and is a stalwart guard of every shrine; an impenetrable wall of unending strength. His kit revolves around increasing the resistances of himself and his fellow dwarves.

Unassuming and seemingly unimportant, Hector was cast into a life of battle when Grand Paladin Ziros took an interest in training the young margrave. With a stunning aspiration to prove his worth in battle, Ziros had a legendary blade forged for Hector in the Golden Forge of Randinburg: Durendal, and a shield engineered by Sprocket using a magically conductive alloy: the Runic Aegis. Hector is stalwart and forever-faithful to the dwarven shrine and his comrades. Beyond capable in melee-- Hector will stop at nothing to prove to his teacher and the rest of dwarvenkind that he can live up to that which is asked of him-- that he is not just a boy, but a man.


In addition to the standard Major Hero kit, Hector also receives his sword, Durendal, and the Runic Aegis.

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A blade forged in the golden flames of Randinburg and presented to Hector by Ziros. It is capable of firing beams of light to dispatch hordes of enemies.
  • Right clicking Durendal fires a sword beam which travels in the direction Hector is facing. It pierces several mobs and travels a fair distance.
  • The sword beam is capable of starting and rolling rampages.

Runeblessed shield.png

Runic Aegis

An aegis made of a durable, magically conductive alloy. Holding the aegis will grant nearby dwarves resistance. Right-clicking will provide all dwarves with knockback resistance. This aegis will start a rampage upon slaying a monster.
  • Holding the Runic Aegis gives Hector Resistance II and all dwarves in a 15 block radius Resistance I.
  • Right clicking the aegis initiates Resolute, giving all dwarves Resistance I, Speed I, and Knockback Resistance for 15 seconds as indicated by the gold particles circling at their waist. This ability has a cooldown of 120 seconds.
  • The Runic Aegis can also roll a rampage like a Dwarven Runeblade or Dwarven Shovel, and also counts for sword kills for the purposes of obtaining the Paladin title, but does only have 5 Attack Damage.
  • Holding the Runic Aegis also gives Hector Knockback Resistance, which is useful if his Dwarven Hero Helmet has broken.

Tips as Hector

  • During build phase Hector has a lot of spare time due to spawning with much of the supplies he needs, thus he can spend his time building or mining gold, doing actions to support the dwarves as a whole.
  • Since the sword beams are capable of starting and rolling rampages, getting a rampage then firing a sword beam is an easy way to clear a shrine or hallway as it will take out multiple targets.
  • The sword beam is available on a charge based system. Hector can store multiple sword beams and use them in rapid succession to finish off key targets, or to start a rampage when needed.
  • It's advised to use the Runic Aegis as your primary melee weapon once Hector has started a rampage due to its constant Knockback Resistance and Resistance II to himself, and the Resistance I to his fellow dwarves is immeasurable in its strength. Switching between the two weapons much like how Gravediggers switch between the Dwarven Runeblade and their Dwarven Shovel can utilize the sword beams of Durendal for getting and maintaining a rampage while switching to the Runic Aegis to simply roll it is optimal.
  • Casting Resolute with the right click on the Runic Aegis can save dwarves from certain death, especially when traversing over high places. Whether fighting Wolves or Venomburners at night, or Iron Golems at any time, the Resistance can lessen the damage taken for a short time and allow for much more freedom of movement. It is especially useful when retreating over bridges or near cliffs, since the Knockback Resistance allows dwarves to stay in combat while not getting knocked around by monsters and reach a safer location. It should be noted however that not using Resolute for extended periods of time can be wasteful, so it should be used timely, but not too reason.