Resource Packs

From The Gazebo

Dwarves vs Zombies uses a custom resource pack, which is required to experience the game in full. The server has two versions of the resource pack that you are able to select from, a default version as well as a higher resolution version. These can be swapped using the /resourcepack command in DvZ or going through the menu with /menu.

We strongly recommend using Minecraft 1.8.6, or any other Minecraft 1.8 version before 1.8.7, as this will avoid many common issues players have reported with server resource packs in Minecraft. If you do encounter problems, try reading the troubleshooting information below, or asking in our Discord server if you still need help.

Troubleshooting Resource Pack Issues

The resource packs don't load at all

Example of correct server settings; click to enlarge.

You might have server resource packs disabled in Minecraft. Follow these steps to make sure your settings are correct:

  • On the Minecraft multiplayer menu, select The Gazebo and click "Edit".
    • If you haven't already added The Gazebo to your server list, click "Add server". The IP is
  • On the edit screen, make sure the server resource packs option is set to 'enabled' (see screenshot).
  • Reconnect to the server. You can use the command /resourcepack in the lobby and follow the in-game instructions.

Note: You can also connect with server resource packs set to 'prompt', but will need to accept the pack when prompted in-game. If you decline when prompted, you won't receive server resources.

My game crashes when I try to load the resource pack

If you get an error saying "internal exception: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Parameter 'directory' is not a directory", create a new folder in your .minecraft folder called server-resource-packs.

Some versions of Minecraft do not automatically create this folder, which causes the game to crash when you attempt to download a resource pack; we recommend playing with Minecraft 1.8.6 or earlier.

The resource pack downloads every time I play

Versions of Minecraft from 1.8.7 onwards do not cache server resource packs properly, instead downloading them again every time you connect to the server. We strongly recommend playing in Minecraft 1.8.6 or earlier to avoid this issue.

Resource Pack Downloads

If you would like to download the resource pack, below are links to do so. Keep in mind you will need to re-download the resource pack after any server updates are made. If you are simply having difficulties using the automatic server resource packs, check the troubleshooting information above and ask in our Discord or in-game if you still require help.